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The International Association on Mechanization of Field Experiments (IAMFE) is a non-profit organization founded in Norway in 1964. The founder of IAMFE is Professor Egil Øyjord from Norwegian University of Life Sciences, who is a famous expert of field experiments mechanization in the world. The International IAMFE Centre was  headquartered in Norway until 1993, when it was moved to Sweden. In 2004 it was moved from Sweden to Russia. In 2012, the International IAMFE Centre was moved from Russia to Qingdao Agricultual University (QAU), Shandong Province China.The President of IAMFE is Professor Shang Shuqi who is from QAU. IAMFE has members and contacts in about 130 countries and branches in 10.

Objectives of the organization are to inform agronomists, plant breeders about new machinery, equipment, instruments and other technologies for increasing the capacity, accuracy of experimental work. Cooperation with ministries, national and international organizations, universities and institutes, IAMFE arranges International and Regional Conferences and Exhibitions on Mechanization of Field Experiments for interested persons to share and promote information on new field and laboratory machinery, equipment and technologies.








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