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The French Branch, AFMEX

The Be-Ne-Lux Branch, SPIL

The Chinese Branch

IAMFE has currently the follwing 10 branches

The Baltic Branch of IAMFE
Mr. Sigitas Lazauskas, President, Lithuanian Institute of Agriculture, Dotnuva-Akademija, LT-5051 Kedainiai distr., LITHUANIA Phone: +370-57-37789, Fax: +370-57-60996, E-mail:
This branch covers the three Baltic countries Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The secretariat is located in Lithuania.The Branch was founded at the IAMFE BALTIC '95 Regional Conference & Exhibition in Kaunas/Dotnuva on August 8-10, 1995.
The Belarussian Branch of IAMFE
President - Professor A.R. Tsyganov
IAMFE Representative & Executive Secretary - Prof. Alexander Klotchkov, c/o Belarussian Agricultural Academy, pr. Internationalny 30-37, 213410 Gorki, Mogilev region BELARUS. Phone: +375-2233-51227/23779, Fax:+375-2233-21587, E-mail:
The Belarussian Association on Mechanization of Field Agricultural Experiments was created on November 4, 1997. It includes 17 organizations, establishments and enterprises of the Republic of Belarus. The main purpose of the Association is improving the scientific - methodical level of conducting field research, the level of mechanization at all the stages of research implementation. The coordinator of the association is the Belarussian Agricultural Academy which is the leading school in the system of agrarian education of the Republic of Belarus. The central working body of the Association is a Council of 27 persons. The executive committee of 5 persons coordinates the scheduled activity of the Association.
The BeNeLux Branch of IAMFE - SPIL
President: Alex de Vliegher, DFE Merelbeke, Belgium
Secr: Chris Huber, CH Farm Research, Krabbendyke, NL 
Other board members:
- Rinus van de Waart, AgroVent, Wageningen NL
- Arend Koekoek, Syngenta Seeds, Zeewolde NL
- Henk Oosting, Seminis, Wageningen NL 
- Peter Lootens, CLO Destelbergen, Belgium 
- Jan Demmink, Plant Research Intl, Wageningen, NL
Contact:r Chris Huber (BSc), Secretary of SPIL, CH Farm Research Consultants, Verduinsbos 46, NL-4661 NW Halsteren, NETHERLANDS, Phone: +31 653 753 548, E-mail:
NVTL Treasurer for SPIL: Jannes Hoenderken?
The BeNeLux Branch of IAMFE, was established on Oct. 24, 1997 under the name SPIL - The new association for trials management - innovation in agricultural and horticultural research for the Benelux countries. SPIL is also a section of NVTL, Ssectie Proeftechniek (SPIL). NVTL is The Association for engineering & technology in agriculture in the Netherlands. SPIL organizes every 3-4 years a meeting indoor and outdoor exhibition. Also study trips take place with the different sections of NVTL

The Secretary of SPIL, Mr. Chris Huber, is member of the IAMFE executive committee and acts as representative of SPIL in the IAMFE organization.

The Chinese Branch of IAMFE
Prof. Shang Shuqi, Chairman, Laiying Agricultural University, Shandong province, China 265200. Phone +86-535-7232442, E-mail, Internet
Prof. Chen Shaojiang, Secretary, China Agricultural University, West Campus, National Maize Improvement Center, China 100094. Phone +86-10-62892333, E-mail:
The Chinese Branch of IAMFE was founded at IAMFE CHINA '94, our Ninth International Conference & Exhibition on Mechanization of Field Experiments in Beijing, Oct. 17-20, 1994. This branch is very active. In 1998, the branch published a Chinese TextBook on "Mechanization of Plant Breeding and Seed Processing".
The French Branch of IAMFE - AFMEX
Mr. Philip Le Roy, President, INRA Domaine de la Motte, BP 35327, FR-35653 Le Rheu cedex, FRANCE. Phone: +33-22348519, Fax: +33-223485245, E-mail:, Internet:
The Association Française pour la Mcanisation en Exprimentation Agricole (AFMEX) was founded in 1985 and is thus our oldest branch. AFMEX is a large and very active branch and has, for example, arranged or taken part in several exhibitions of equipement for field experimentation.
The Hungarian National Branch of IAMFE
Dr. Jozsf Krizsn, Executive Secretary, Szolnoki Foiskola (Szolnok College), 9, Ady Endre t (9, Ady Endre street), H-5000 Szolnok HUNGARY E-mail 
or via
The Hungarian Branch of IAMFE was founded in 1996 as a result of discussions between Hungarian participants of IAMFE/FRANCE 96. A large number of Hungarian research instititutes are branch members.
The Indian Branch of IAMFE
Dr. M M Pandey, President, Director of CIAE, Nabi Bagh, Berasia Road, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India - 462 038. Phone +91-755-2737191, Fax. +91-755-2734016, E-mail:
CIAE website:
The Indian Branch of IAMFE was founded in 1995. 
The Norwegian  Branch of IAMFE
c/o Sekretariatet, Landbrukets Forsöksringer (LFR)
Sagabygget, N-1432 Ås, Norway. Phone: +47-64-972100, Fax: +47-64-972110
E-mail:     Internet:
The Norwegian Branch of IAMFE is operated by the Norwegian Agricultural Research and Extension Group (LFR), which are a coordinating organization of agriculture field expermentation in Norway and will complement the links IAMFE has with Norway - the country of our Founder and Honorary President, Prof. Egil Oyjord.
The Russian Branch of IAMFE - AAFEI
President - Prof. Victor Semenov
Executive Secretary & IAMFE Representative for Russia - Dr. Vladislav Minin
Address: The International IAMFE Centre, c/o North-West Research Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Electrification (SZNIIMESH), Office 303, Filtrovskoje shosse, 3, P.O. Tiarlevo, St-Petersburg-Pavlovsk, 196625 Russia. 
Phone +7-812-7231169, Fax: +7-812-1304298  
The Russian Interregional Association for Assistance of Field Experiments, AAFEI, was founded in 1997. It is also the Russian Branch of IAMFE. AAFEI is a Russian voluntary, social and non-profit organization. President of AAFEI is Prof.Victor Semenov, Member of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The main aim of AAFEI is the following: every kind assistance for development and increasing of efficiency, reliability and information of research under field conditions and experiments. AAFEI unites Russian scientists, engineers and farmers.
The 12th International IAMFE Conference and Exhibition, IAMFE/RUSSIA 2004, was arranged in St. Petersburg. The International IAMFE Centre is currently located to our Russian branch AAFEI.
The Ukrainian Branch of IAMFE
President - Prof. Nayil Guizbullin
c/o Institute for Sugar Beets 25, Klinicheskaya street 03110 Kiev, Ukraine
Phone +380-44-2775388, Fax: +380-44-2775366,2773155
The Ukrainian branch of Methods and mechanization of field experiments of IAMFE was founded on 19 Dec. 2001 in Kyev. President is Prof. Nayil G Guizbullin (Institute of Sugar Beets), Vice President is D.L.Krasnichenko (Director of Scientific-production Society "Selta") and Executive Secretary is M.O.Bublyk (Deputy Director of the Institute of Horticulture for scientific work).


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